Maritime Law

Mississippi Gulf Coast Maritime Injury Attorneys

The Poplarville, Mississippi maritime injury firm of Williams, Williams & Montgomery, P.A., champions the rights of maritime accident victims and their families. When things seem at their worst, clients count on our compassion and extensive maritime law knowledge to put them back on track.

Backed by nearly 100 years of injury litigation experience, our lawyers have the specialized knowledge to investigate and pursue the most complicated maritime injury cases. Our maritime lawyers successfully represent the injured and their families in claims involving:

  • Jones Act/Seamen
  • Death on the High Seas Act
  • Wrongful death
  • Inland waterways/rivers
  • Oceangoing ships
  • Platform/oil rig injuries
  • Longshoreman injuries
  • Longshore & Harbor Workers Act
  • Diving accidents
  • Crane accidents
  • Swingrope / personnel basket injuries
  • Maintenance and cure
  • Cruise ship passengers
  • Cruise ship workers
  • Catastrophic injury
  • Recreational boating accidents

Solid results for maritime injury victims

We have an excellent reputation for providing understanding and caring representation to each individual. Our team approach ensures each client's needs are always covered. Clients also can rely on our exemplary personal service. We make sure clients understand the process and what is covered and keep them abreast of developments in their case. We guide them through every aspect of a case, from the filing of the initial claim through negotiation, litigation and any appeal.

Each of our maritime injury lawyers is a skilled litigator. We never settle when trial may achieve better results for our clients.

In the turmoil that surrounds an injury or the death of a loved one, Williams, Williams and Montgomery, P.A. is a formidable advocate that guides clients on a clear path forward.

A century of compassionate, successful legal representation for our clients