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Full-service gulf coast real estate law firm

Williams, Williams & Montgomery, P.A. is one of South Mississippi's most experienced and respected real estate law firms. For nearly a century, our real estate lawyers have represented clients involved in commercial, residential, multi-use, and industrial real estate transactions and developments.

Our experience in real estate transactions and land use is unmatched. We offer an array of real estate services, including:

  • Contract preparation and formation
  • Deed and mortgage preparation
  • Lease agreements
  • Title searches
  • Environmental and government regulatory compliance
  • Government land use and zoning approvals 

Careful preparation. Attention to detail. Success.

When real estate disputes arise, including those involving contracts, landlord-tenant matters, titles, and performance, we put the full force of our litigation experience behind our clients to protect their interests and bring about an appropriate solution.

The real estate attorneys at Williams, Williams & Montgomery, P.A. have the skills and resources to address virtually any real estate matter. We have a superb record of accomplishment and a reputation in the community for excellence and integrity.

Mississippi Gulf Oil and Gas Attorneys

Williams, Williams & Montgomery, P.A. has an extensive knowledge of energy law. Whether our clients are involved in contracts for oil, gas or other minerals, we help protect their rights.

We assist operators, royalty owners, working interest owners, lessees and lessors with litigation and administrative matters involving oil, gas and mineral contracts.

Probate Attorneys

Williams, Williams & Montgomery, P.A. has extensive experience advising individuals and families in all matters involving wills and probate. This includes helping clients determine their needs, drafting wills, trusts and other supporting documentation, and helping families enforce the terms of a will in probate court.

Ensuring your wishes are carried out

When a loved one dies, our attorneys assist in all matters involving probate and estate administration. Probate is the legal process through which a person's debts are paid and assets are distributed after his or her death.

Our probate lawyers are skilled advisors and assist in answering all questions that relate to distribution of assets and the probate process.
We provide efficient estate administration services, including: 

  • Asset distribution
  • Liquidating or discharging liabilities
  • Paying taxes
  • Attending probate court proceedings
  • Resolving disputes and will contests
  • Estate litigation
  • Ensuring that the decedent's wishes are followed

Eminent Domain Attorneys

The attorneys at Williams, Williams & Montgomery, P.A. are premier eminent domain lawyers successfully serving clients throughout Pearl River County and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We have significant experience in all facets of eminent domain law, including direct and inverse condemnation and land valuation.

Protecting client interests

With experience, knowledge and skill, the firm is able to challenge the government on behalf of property and business owners to obtain maximum compensation for their damages due to condemnation.

The eminent domain process and battling state and federal government agencies can be complicated and overwhelming. The government will have a team of attorneys promoting its rights. Property owners should have the same legal protection. Our firm ensures that property owners understand the legal process, their rights under eminent domain law, and that they must assert those rights to obtain full value for their property.

Our eminent domain clients range from owners of single-family homes and large-scale residential and commercial developments, gulf coast property and agricultural land to tenants and business owners.

In addition to direct condemnations, the firm handles inverse condemnations – when the landowner seeks compensation for the impact a government action has had on a property.

A century of compassionate, successful legal representation for our clients.