Social Security

Poplarville Social Security Attorneys

The Social Security disability attorneys at Williams, Williams & Montgomery, P.A. understand the complicated federal regulations governing Social Security disability claims. They put that knowledge to work on behalf of injured clients to ensure they receive proper payment on their claim.

Serious injuries can result in permanent or temporary disability. If you are unable to work for a period that has or is expected to last 12 or more months, you may be entitled to disability payments from the Social Security Administration. Your disability may be caused by one or more medical conditions, including one that is a result of a personal injury.

We will gather your medical records, locate treatment options, and help select doctors. Our attorneys can help you file for benefits and negotiate their amount. The amount of your benefit is determined by your former income and if you are receiving other benefits, including workers' compensation. If you receive Social Security disability benefits, you also are entitled to health coverage under Medicare.

We make the process of obtaining maximum Social Security benefits as worry-free as possible.

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